Our goal is to create a wide sustainable work & food system network to provide thousands of farmers and poor Filipinos with perpetual work to feed their family by planting organic cassava and corn on their own land; independently from userous banking institutions or controlling pro-gmo corporations whose goal is to enslave farmers on their own land indefinitely.

To provide farmers with free CERTIFIED ORGANIC seeds they can grow on their dry/unused land before GMO companies entice them into signing contracts that will render them prisoners of GMO's for life.

This year, we should all support PalanasFarmersAssociation.org near Ormoc, Philippines for their determination in becoming independent from all. However, they still need a hot air dryer to increase productivity by drying cassava shortly after harvest. PFA could be an example for all. Let's help!

Sustainable System For Farmers

Our five-phase system was a slow growing process but just in August, nearly 20 new farmers joined our network to cover an area of almost 50 hectares of cassava.

Phase I – Locating farmers in need and evaluate their soil to ensure the adequate seed variety to their soil, then estimate the quantity needed.

Phase II – Prepare the soil for planting (land plowing, weeding), order the seeds and deliver them.

Phase III – Plant, maintain and harvest (farmers will collaborate if possible)

Phase IV – The products are sent to our Processing Center for chipping, granulating and drying. Once in bags, they are shipped by Aris (www.arisormoc.com) to the distributor who agreed exclusively to purchase the entire harvest.

Phase V – Farmers Relief ensures the farmers are paid for their product delivery.



Land plowing






Free seeds



Seed Distribution

Our organization will provide FREE seed distribution to farmers in order to keep their lands. At the moment, lands that have the poorest irrigation system (mostly rice fields) we can provide assistance to. Our dynamic team on the ground is constantly adding new farmers to our network.

The seed program consists of several components:

  • Cassava
  • Corn
  • Rice (for irrigated lands)

Food, Health Rescue & Roofing (during typhoons)

The level of our efforts to distribute food to the most affected areas of the Leyte province will continue and be provided by the same dedicated ORMOC Relief team.

  • Rice and food distribution
  • Rebuilding roofs that have been destroyed during typhoons
  • Healthcare (if available)

Thank you to a long-term dedicated team of www.ormocrelief.org for Operations, and ARIS www.arisormoc.com for their generous transportation rates, Farmers Relief can now offer the following alternatives to farmers for the entire region of Ormoc, Philippines.

We must also give a special thank the Mayor of Albuera for his genuine help for providing our team with the usage of the town’s agricultural machinery but by also donating corn to our network!

January 19, 2016