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June 30, 2016
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December 22, 2016

Why pay the IRS when you can save the planet?


Uncle Sam Wants your helpOk, maybe not the entire planet.
But If you had a choice, would you rather give $100 to fund a military budget…or help a family in need…protect our resources….feed the poor?
Most, but not everyone chose the 2nd option, though. With about 44% of our income taxes that fuel the military budget (old and new), it means that a single person making $50,000 in salary will contribute about $6,600 of their taxes to build weapons. You remember that number in April.
Let’s plant seeds…not bombs (that sounds so hippy from the 60s’…)

At the current slow growth rate, our sustainable agriculture project should reach a complete status of independence in 2020. In a nutshell, it means that after four years of harvesting cassava and other vegetables in The Philippines, the Farmers Relief Network, after having reinvested proceeds from each previous harvest onto the next, will no longer require donations for the cassava project as it will pay for itself.

The breakdown of this project consists of saving farmers’ lands from the greedy banks by providing free seeds, labor, harvest cost to them, then overseeing the entire harvest processing phases until the crop is sold at market price to local organic food processors. Participating farmers will, at last, be paid for their crop.

But that’s not all. The cassava project also provides work and food to the local unemployed, as each hectare requires around 200 workers during the harvest period, allowing food on their table. As the project grows, it will also prevent, or at least slow down, GMO companies that entice farmers into buying their genetic products which already took a  damaging toll on the soil. Ultimately, Farmers Relief will complete the project by implementing a basic healthcare system offering a free doctor’s visit per year for each farmer and worker of the network, including their family.
Once completed, we will move to another area and start again.

So what does it have to do with your taxes? Simple.militaryBudget
The amount of taxes that is allocated to the Defense budget by a single taxpayer is under $7,000 (every year). The amount the Cassava Project needs to achieve total sustainable independence is under $40,000 (forever!).
Or equal to six taxpayers.

This project came to light with only a handful of dollars, dedication and real passion to make a difference, one person at a time. After having helped so many people, saved dozens of farmers’ land shy of two harvests, we know this system is successful and can be developed in other areas. Join us!

When $10 can feed a family for seven days, no amount is ever too little.

Arno Agman



Farmers Relief
Farmers Relief
If governments cannot provide healthcare for the people, rice will.

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