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December 23, 2017
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May 9, 2018

Forget your 401 K…invest in organic farming.


Forget your 401 K…invest in organic farming.

An alternative to the conventional Savings account.

Most Americans and Europeans have less than $1,000 in their savings at a rate of 2% interest per year, if lucky.

Why do you still have a savings account?

Because you think you do not have a choice. Since you are not offered any alternatives, you practically do not have a choice. If you were presented with another form of investment carrying higher return that your bank, and for the greater good, would you consider it?

If so, here it is.

Several years ago, My wife and I launched a sustainable agricultural project in The Philippines, with our savings…

Today, our farmers NGO in the USA, local farmers association and a small company in The Philippines have put together this project allowing individuals from all around the world to invest small amounts in this growing agricultural project in parcels on a per harvest basis and collect 20 to 30% of ROI after harvest is complete and all produces have been sold – usually within 2 weeks of harvest.

The reason for such disparity is due to the unpredictable affectation of the weather on the crop.

The current produce is cassava, an organic potato. Last year, the Department of Agriculture awarded our farmers’ Association the status of official distributor for that region which came with an exclusivity contract to sell the entire harvest to a regional organic food processing company.

Cassava is in such high demand, the company never meets their quota for lack of growth in the region, thus always purchase the totality of our harvested crop, which is how we came up with this small range investment plan.

The minimum investment is $6,000 per harvest for which we will pay a minimum of 20%, or in this case, $1,200 in return. At the moment, due to our land area limitation, we can only accept a maximum of $12,000 per person investment for 2018 with a limit of 10 investors. This offer is also exclusively offered to individuals – no banks or financial institutions accepted.


In the event of a total loss of crop occurring from weather helm, the Association will not reimburse the investor. However, it has never happened, even through 5 typhoons.

BENEFITS. Great for investors -considerable for the development of this sustainable agriculture project

A portion of the revenues have been allocated to our Medical Fund that will provide a basic health coverage to all farmers and their family in the Association – at the moment reaching 250 people.

To protect all investments, we have established a system of strict payments or transfer of moneys that are inaccessible to hacking. I know that’s a strong statement. How ?We do NOT collect any financial information or bank accounts from investors. You may make your transfer via Paypal, bank transfer or through our NGO office in Washington, DC.



Though our credibility is well establish, our Association’s status may be verified with the following:

-Department of Agriculture, Manila, Philippines

-University of The Philippines, VISCA, Leyte, Philippines

-FarmersRelief.org Washington, DC

-OrmocRelief.org,  PI

-PalanasFarmers.org, PI

Farmers Relief
Farmers Relief
If governments cannot provide healthcare for the people, rice will.

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