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January 19, 2017
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June 13, 2017

The Farmers of Leyte island are indebted to you! 

Palanas LogoWe are dedicating our first newsletter of the year to all of you for your aid to the farmers.
You are receiving this newsletter to show you what your contributions have actually done on the ground, for the people.
We wish to thank ALL of you individuals and small companies from The US and EUROPE who have contributed to the development of Farmers Relief’s agriculture project for the past years! 


It is with a range of donations from $10 to $300 that allowed us to take a realistic step toward the realization of our mission:
the FIRST independent sustainable system of agriculture to provide FREE seeds to farmers, free harvest, and  basic health care coverage to their family. THANK YOU!


Summary of what your financial support yielded

-We built a temporary warehouse for cassava storageCassavaBlogPic4
-We bought enough seeds to cover 60 hectares of land for nearly 30 farmers
-We built a granulator to process cassavas
-We acquired 7 goats to clear weeds instead of chemicals
-We bought 2 female pigs who provided 30 piglets to feed farmers
-We provided work for more than 400 people during the 2016 harvest
-We created a Farmers’ Association in the island of Leyte with 25 farmers
-The profit from the 2016 harvest allowed us to send 12 children to a dentist for the 1st time in their life
-In 2016, a local farmer-friendly organic food distributor agreed to purchase the entire crops from farmers in the Association
-A local mayor and the University of The Philippines have provided free seeds and machinery rental to support our sustainable project’s needs

CassavaBlogPic9In 2014, we had calculated that reaching a level of complete independence for our sustainable agriculture project in The Philippines would cost nearly $90,000. A number that seemed unattainable at the time, but considering the outcome would provide jobs to more than 500 people every year, save local farmers from losing their land to profiteers, and send children and their mothers to the doctor, it did seem reasonable.

It turns out we were wrong.

With infrastructure and basic machinery lent by locals, and seed donation by the university, we brought the number to nearly $60,000.

But because of your care in the preservation of nature and our food system, tapped with a determination to support the creation of such a project, we are now down to $24,000 to reach our sustainable project.
And for that, we thank you greatly. But the real gratitude comes from the farmers. They may not know who you are, or where you are, but they know that somewhere in the world, a group of good-hearted anonymous chose to help them. Simply because they care.

Picking a cassava root in The Philippines

Picking a cassava root in The Philippines

Though we are grateful for all that was accomplished in little time, we hope to reach our goal for the Farmers’ Independence by the end of the year. Once again, if you can, with your wonderful support.

All donations from US individuals or companies are tax deductible. 

For other countries, please check with your tax Department.   If they need a specific format or translation of your receipt, let us know, we will do what we can.

What outcome do we expect for $24,000 that would guaranty the sustainable independence we seek ?
>A permanent warehouse   >A delivery truck   >Harvest tools
> Enough cassava seeds for all farmers  >Grow our network

As all seems to go as planned, we should not have to ask for donation again (except when we begin our rice program next year…).

On behalf of nearly 50 farmers and their family, the Farmers Relief team thanks you!!

Arno Agman
Farmers Relief – Leyte Program Director

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Farmers Relief
Farmers Relief
If governments cannot provide healthcare for the people, rice will.

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