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May 13, 2018

Fake farmers defend Monsanto’s carcinogenic Round Up


Why would a group of devoted farmers strangely support the use of Monsanto’s glyphosate around the world ? Ask Monsanto, they created them!
That’s right, the GMO giant orchestrated the creation of “fake farmers” around the world to support and defend their carcinogenic product Round Up all under a similar model:

Agriculture et Liberte“, in France…
“Free to Farm”, in the UK…
“Liberta di Coltivare”, in Italy.

All showed some relative success influencing political decisions throughout the European community but luckily Greenpeace and other groups keep their watchful eye open with an in-depth investigation: Greenpeace finds fake farmers.

As the scam was also uncovered during the 2018 Agriculture Exhibition in France, the following video will appeal only to francophiles. Subtitles coming soon.


Farmers Relief
Farmers Relief
If governments cannot provide healthcare for the people, rice will.

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  1. Farmers Relief says:

    It makes you wonder why it’s still legal in the US, then Monsanto had the audacity to sue the state of California!

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