m2 of fertile soil.

Sustainable Agriculture?

In simple terms, it is the production of food, plant produce or animals through natural farming techniques is designed to protect the environment and offer us the choice to eat healthy, non-genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which have spread around the world. Sustainable Agriculture is a total rejection of the industrial approach to massive food production.

"The concept of Sustainable Agriculture embraces a wide range of techniques, including organic,
free-range, low-input, holistic and biodynamic. Healthy soil is an important component of sustainability."

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 provides free seeds to farmers in The Philippines...

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Your donations helped save 32 farmers' land! Thank you!
Save the farmers!

Sowing seed

Our organization, now a non-profit, was created years ago to provide an alternative to help the farmers and save their land from corporations’ greed. Our mission is to help South eastern Asian farmers (to start) grow their own crop on their own soil. Our program is simple; we provide the following free of charge:

WHY IT WORKS… We Are Not Alone

The seeds are grown organically and verified by the Department of Natural Resources (with which we have worked closely in the past several years) as certified. We have also maintained a strong relationship with the Visayas State University, College of Agriculture which continues to provide us with organic seeds, plants, and trees. The seed growth is done WITHOUT PESTICIDES.

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October 27, 2015